Our Story

Harco Brands™ was founded by a group of dedicated owners who were looking to solve a TOUGH problem facing millions of people. How does one safely remove oil based paint, grease, grime, tar, adhesives and many other impossible to remove contaminants from your hands, tools and other surfaces? A solution that is much safer for you and the environment than what is currently being used and abused daily by professionals and consumers just like you. This story hit home for one of our founders who was living a daily nightmare trying to keep his hands clean. He is a master jeweler, painter, and mechanic who abused his hands daily trying to rid them of paint, adhesives, grease and others.

Harco Brands™ was to create a more consumer friendly alternative to turpentine, lacquer thinner, acetone, and other harsh hand cleaning products currently being abused by consumers! We wanted to create a safer alternative to these cleaners that was exceptionally effective but safe on your skin, waterless, portable, household safe, and smells good. We wanted to create a product that was strong enough for the professional but available to the everyday consumer. We are very excited to tell you that we have accomplished this goal!

Just think of the last time you used oil based paint, foam fillers, caulking compound or got grease on your hands from changing a bicycle chain. You likely used turpentine or some other solvent on a rag to remove the residue. Yes, it probably does the job but that product is toxic, messy, smells terrible, and dries out your hands.

Our formulas are blended from coconut oil extracts, organic compounds, and other proprietary ingredients. They are in line with new federal and state regulations concerning VOC levels, & environmental claims including the very stringent regulations of the California EPA Consumer Air Resources Board.