Like all Harco Brands™ products, HarcoHome™ MiracleWipes are consumer safe, yet exceptionally powerful when compared to other cleaning products.

Users of HarcoHome™ will benefit from purchasing one product that will clean virtually every surface efficiently and is 98% organic in nature.

Primary Uses as Surface, Tool, and Hand Cleaner:

  • Kitchen: Countertops, Stovetops, Cabinets, Sinks, Appliances
  • Bathrooms: Tubs, Tile, Sinks, Shower Stalls, Toilets
  • Household: Wood, Garbage Cans, Hardwood and Tile Floors

HarcoHome™ MiracleWipes are an excellent all-purpose cleaner for wood floors, ceramic tile, appliances, stovetops, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, tubs, ceramic tile, fiberglass, porcelain, wood, plastic, granite, countertops, washable walls, cabinets, and many more household surfaces.

Remove wipe and clean affected area until wipe is saturated with contaminants or surface area is clean. Repeat if necessary.

Target Uses: Wood Floors Ceramic Tile, Appliances Stovetops, Sinks Bathtubs, Toilets Fiberglass, Porcelain Wood, Plastic Granite, Countertops Washable Walls, Cabinets And many more.

Safe to Use on: Hands and Surfaces.
- Low Toxicity Profile, Non-Flammable, Non-Combustable, Low Vapor Pressure.