Like all Harco Brands™ products, HarcoGarage™ MiracleWipes are consumer safe, yet exceptionally powerful when compared to traditional solvents*, degreasers and cleaning products.

Our formula is blended from coconut oil extracts, organic compounds, and other proprietary ingredients making HarcoGarage™ MiracleWipes low VOC, which promotes cleaner air. HarcoGarage™ MiracleWipes are the most versatile wipe for the toughest and dirtiest jobs for your garage and household needs.

Primary Uses as Surface, Tool, and Hand Cleaner:

  • 1. Grease, grime, oil, tar, ink, and marker
  • 2. All Paints: latex, oil, urethane, and epoxy
  • 3. Uncured: adhesives, resins, and epoxy
  • 4. Urethane Foam, Fiberglass resin, and pine pitch

Clean surfaces, tools, and hands to absorb and lock in contaminants like uncured paint (latex, oil, urethane, epoxy), caulking, urethane foam, fiberglass resin, grease, oil, pine pitch and even ink. HarcoGarage™ MiracleWipes make clean up easy by locking in these contaminants instead of smearing and depositing excess material on hands, tools or secondary surfaces.

Remove wipe and clean affected area until wipe is saturated with contaminant or surface area is clean. Repeat if necessary.

MiracleWipes absorb and lock in contaminants like grease, grime, oil, tar, ink, plus uncured adhesives, resins, and epoxy.

Target Groups: painters, home improvement enthusiasts, small businesses, automotive technicians, auto enthusiasts, marine specialists, manufacturers, contractors, builders, moms.

Safe to Use on: Hands, Surfaces, and Tools.
- Low Toxicity Profile, Non-Flammable, Non-Combustable, Low Vapor Pressure.